J. MÜLLER: This name stands for an enormous diversity in logistics of highly specialised port services under the roof of a mid-sized, family-managed stock company. It is a corporate structure in which we combine nearly 200 years of Hanseatic merchant tradition with a mind for our customers’ requirements. From grain and feedstuffs to forest products, from coffee to iron and steel, from wind turbines to maritime proteins – in terms of transshipment, storage and distribution of everything from bulk goods to complete industrial plants, we are your first address for logistics. This has made us the port terminal operator with the greatest capacity at the Unterweser River. We are aware of the values that we move each day at our terminals in Brake and Bremen. This is why we exclusively use state-of-the-art equipment that is ideally tailored to the specific requirements of the individual product groups. We have laid out the traffic connection for trimodal logistics early on already. Our customers appreciate not least the accompanying services from one source.


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