The goods handling specialist for sulphur and iron-II-chloride

As the operator of Europe’s largest sulphur solidification and transshipment facility, we stand for the professional goods handling and storing of solid and liquid sulphur as well as iron-II-chloride.

The LogServ team is composed of various specialists: technicians, hazardous goods officers, safety specialists, certified fire protection officers, railway operations managers and QM officers. They assist customers with their comprehensive expertise along the entire logistics chain.

On request, we will also readily conduct quality controls besides the goods handling, take on the transport organisation, chartering, documentation, shipment processing or the processing of customs formalities, and ensure high-quality services for everything relating to the container such as stuffing, packing or repackaging



Hans-Joachim Neuber
Phone: 04401 989 011 2


Ingo Pargmann
Phone: 04401 989 011 5


Matthias Hayen
Phone: 04401 989 011 1

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