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Tradition is not about keeping the ashes but passing on the torch – this motto is one of the key guiding themes of J. MÜLLER AG. Tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin. Every innovation first has to prove itself, be found successful over the course of the years and enhanced before it finally becomes a good tradition. This awareness has been the basis of all our actions for around 200 years now. J. MÜLLER is meanwhile a byword for an enormous variety of highly specialised services that cover all aspects of the port and logistics business.

J. MÜLLER AG is fully owned by the Müller family. Our operating company, J. MÜLLER Weser GmbH & Co. KG, works under the umbrella of a medium-sized, family run public limited company and has built up a comprehensive service portfolio to implement the product and market strategies of the J. MÜLLER Group. The strategic and organisational development, as well as the central functions are in the hands of the stock company. With its financial strength and flexibility, it is a strong partner for a large bandwidth of industries and it is therefore excellently positioned for the challenges of a globalising world.



Jan Müller
Phone: 04401 914 410
Mobile: 0171 5157045

Vice CEO

Thomas Bielefeld
Phone: 04401 914 200 | 201
Mobile: 0179 5032625

Member of the Board | CFO

Martin Pieper
Phone: 04401 914 100
Mobile: 0151 42210459

Member of the Board

Jens Ripken
Phone: 04401 914 125


Petra Rohde
Phone: 04401 914 102
Mobile: 0160 6591630

Main Office

J. MÜLLER Aktiengesellschaft
Phone: 04401 914 0

Project Management Processes

Mike Haarmann
Phone: 04401 914 118
Mobile: 0151 17622965


Imke Nicolaisen
Phone: 04401 914 147
Mobile: 0160 3654676