The specialist for transports by truck for agricultural and bulk goods

Truck transports of GMP+ compliant agricultural products and break bulk requires a sensitive, responsible handling in every logistics phase. The founding of B-LOG was therefore the logical consequence – a bundling of competencies in port services and logistics.

B-LOG thereby also established itself as a specialty logistics provider, which has adjusted from head to toe to the requirements of all players – including everyone from agricultural trade and processors to mixed feed plants, malting plants and farmers. Accordingly, our drivers are specially trained for loading GMP+ compliant break bulk goods. Our dump trucks are equipped with grain slide dampers, double-wing doors, dust bag and automatic roller tarpaulin. All vehicles have a satellite system (FleetBoard) to enable the pinpoint disposition. Truck transport with many advantages: short response times, operative flexibility and high availability.

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Matthias Seidel
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Caglar Alpay
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