Customer information


Update Wednesday 12th May 2020

Dear Business Partner,

Currently, (federal) states in many areas of life are loosening the conditions imposed in connection with the Covid19 pandemic in order to return to a certain degree of normalcy.

Based on the current developments in the number of cases and taking into account the findings and recommendations of the federal states and the authorities,
we have re/assessed the situation for our companies/terminals.

As a result, we can take back part of our previous measures while observing occupational health and safety regulations and compliance with the hygiene regulations implemented in our companies and largely revert to our old way of working.

From Wednesday, May 13, 2020, we will take back the 2-shift system implemented as part of the pandemic and return to “normal” 3-shift operations.

In order to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m between employees, the corresponding organizational occupational safety measures have been adapted within the framework of the implemented and applicable hygiene rules.

Through the measures, we are sure to offer our customers the service they are familiar with and can expect from us.

We will continue to monitor developments and regularly reassess the situation. Always with the necessary sense of proportion. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that this will result in further changes to our measures.

This is always under the premise of offering our clustomers optimal service while respecting the protection of our employees.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours

J. MÜLLER Aktiengesellschaft
Uwe Schiemann
Head of crisis team


Information 6th April 2020:
In the context of the current corona topic, we would like to inform you about the protective measures introduced in the J. MÜLLER Group as follows:

In the context of the current crisis, the German seaports and thus also our terminal operations in Brake and Bremen have a system-relevant importance of supply chains for the provision of services of general interest. We see it as our duty to meet this challenge. We can assure you that we are working hard every day to maintain operations in our terminals.

Due to the current situation, we have extended the measures we have implemented so far and adapted them to the current situation.

Below we give you an overview:

The J. MÜLLER Group has implemented a crisis team.

On 28 February 2020, the Federal Ministry of Health issued an order in accordance with the Law on the Implementation of the International Health Regulations [2005] [IGV-Durchführungs-Gesetz - IGV-DG] - with the aim of preventing the introduction into the Federal Republic of Germany or the spread of infections caused by the novel coronavirus ["SARS-CoV-2"], which first appeared in Wuhan/China in December 2019. According to this, port operators have special obligations.

We are in close contact with the authorities in order to react quickly and appropriately to new requirements. In addition, the J. MÜLLER Group has implemented the following further measures:

  1. Hygiene measures

In addition to the general hygiene measures, which are valid within the framework of the quality management systems anyway, the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute [German Federal Authority for Infectious Diseases] are implemented as mandatory for all employees. The hygiene measures were communicated to our employees in writing. If recommendations for action by the Robert Koch-Institute change, these are immediately implemented 1:1 in the J. MÜLLER Group.

In addition to the disinfection facilities already available under the quality management systems, further disinfection dispensers were installed in buildings.

All sanitary areas | door handles and banisters are also cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

Social rooms, changing rooms and showers are disinfected at the change of shift.

  1. Business trips

No more personal customer appointments are made. Visits by representatives must be cancelled. Contacts are maintained via electronic media [telephone, video conferences, e-mail].

Internal meetings are to be reduced to the absolutely necessary. If necessary, technical possibilities such as telephone, Skype etc. are to be used, or the meeting is less than 15 minutes long and takes place outside if possible. If the possibility outside is not given, there are meeting rooms in Brake 2. Sufficient distance of min. 1,5 m is required.

  1. Behavioural measures in case of contact with infected persons

In the event of contact with an infected person, employees are obliged to inform the crisis team immediately, in addition to contacting the family doctor.

  1. Personnel measures

The shift system was changed to 2 shifts for the operational and technical industrial personnel. The personnel was divided into 2 fixed groups and there is the possibility of working on Sundays and public holidays. The shift change lasts for 1 hour, whereby 30 minutes are used for disinfection between leaving the social rooms of the first shift and entering the social rooms of the second shift.

For the industrial employees, regulations for the use of the social rooms have been made with the aim that only some of the respective shift employees use the break rooms in equal parts. In addition, further decentralised break rooms were set up.

For the commercial employees, the possibility of a home office was created. At those places where home office is not possible, the departments of the commercial employees were divided into several groups and separated from each other.

For particularly sensitive areas such as IT, more extensive measures were implemented.

With the above measures, we thus reduce the risk of infection among a larger number of employees.

The J. MÜLLER Group operates terminals at the Brake and Bremen sites. Commercial, operational and technical staff are available here and can be transferred between the terminals if necessary.

  1. Protection of ship's crews

To protect the crews of ships, we have established rules for our employees' boarding of ships in coordination with the health authorities.

We are responding appropriately to the situation and have established clear rules in this regard.

These are always under the aspect of the greatest possible protection for our employees and follow the recommendations of the Robert Koch-Institute and the local authorities. It is also important to offer our customers the greatest possible safety.

From today's perspective, handling in our terminals is guaranteed. In individual cases, however, handling may be delayed due to the measures taken or possible future official orders. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any furhter questions.

However, it is also important to deal with this subject sensibly and unemotionally. We can assure you that the Board of Directors and the Management are making every possible effort to do so.