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Wind energy

Full of energy for your cargo

Full of energy for your cargo

  • High-powered: The seaport of Brake has evolved into one of the leading hubs of the global wind energy industry. Over the last decade, we have transshipped several thousand wind turbines at the terminal. The total output of these turbines is almost equal to the energy generated by four nuclear power stations.
  • Specialists: The basis for this efficiency is Niedersachsenkai, which was inaugurated in 2009. It has specialist hoisting equipment and transport vehicles and extensive space for the storage, consolidation, assembly, maintenance and transshipment of all components. Clever logistics ensure that the required human resources, equipment and components are always at the right place at the right time throughout the port.
  • Uncomplicated: Even when all the components have left our premises, you continue to benefit from the unbeatable advantage of our location, as there is no need for a police escort for the transport of your components by truck to and from Brake.


Wind Energy

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