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Sulphur, bulk goods, building materials or scrap – as diverse as the raw materials are, as diverse our competencies. At the Brake seaport, we have the largest sulphur solidification and transshipment facility for sulphur and iron-II-chloride in Europe. In matters of general cargo and bulk goods handling, too, J. MÜLLER is leading at Germany’s North Sea coastline. Our capacity is footed on the following pillars:

  • modern equipment for the product-specific treatment of all resources,
  • expansive premises permitting interim storage,
  • highly efficient logistics that has all project phases under control.

Our services at a glance


Since 2007, we have been shipping new scrap from the automotive industry and old scrap of categories E1 and E3 at our Brake seaport. Cranes with efficient motor grippers and special dredgers and wheel loaders are available for the transshipment process and ensure a quick handling. Expansive, paved areas on the shore to vessel-deep water enable the export to anywhere in the world.

Building materials

Whether chippings, granite stones, sand and gravel – by virtue of its depth, Brake offers the optimal interim storage possibilities for these products. Large machinery such as shovel loaders and dredgers are used for loading. If needed, all materials can be transported to the recipient in special bodies by truck.

Bulk goods

Earth, sand, nepheline, and many more gripper-compatible bulk goods pass through the Brake seaport at an increasing rate. It has one of the most modern bulk goods halls with a holding capacity of 40,000 tonnes and many more storage spaces. The efficient connection of the means of transport by ship, truck, railway and barge ensures a precisely clocked delivery just in time.


Europe’s largest sulphur solidification and transshipment facility in the Brake seaport affords us a maximum of flexibility. Initially, we store liquid sulphur from railway tank cars in special tank stores via a pipeline. As needed, we lead it into heated tank vessels in liquid form or solidify it and transship it into bulk freighters. From there, we ship it to the destination ports around the globe.


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