In agricultural transports and transshipments, we think along the lines of the (agricultural) economy

Our customers entrust us with rounded 4 million tonnes of agricultural goods per year and the trend is rising. There are a lot of good reasons for this confidence in us:

  • Location: Our port is located at the intersection of the international agricultural logistics flows and in the direct vicinity of the north-western German comound feed industry. This makes us your natural partner for agricultural transports.
  • Capacities: We have a daily unloading capacity of 20,000 tonnes, storage capacities of more than 500,000 tonnes and modern self-serve systems that permit calling off the goods around the clock. Rely on the capacity of Europe’s largest coherent silo system.
  • Connection: Trimodal traffic secures flexibility for you and tailor-made solutions for agricultural transports.
  • Customising: We offer diverse services that you can call off individually. These include product conditioning, e.g. drying, aspiring, crushing, grinding and scrapping, as well as separate handling for organic goods, fertilisers and feed additives.

Everything from handling to storage and processing, leading up to the agricultural transports – we offer services from one source that offer a plus in terms of efficiency for you.

Our services at a glance


We transship the goods delivered by sea from all over the world with the highest measure of unloading capacity. Subsequently, the goods leave our seaport on river barges, block trains or trucks headed for the German comound feed industry. In addition, our storage capacities permit the interim storage of all goods that you can also call off any time later on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day using our modern self-serve systems.


An unloading capacity of up to 20,000 tonnes of crops, storage capacities of more than 500,000 tonnes – J. MÜLLER offers a capacity in terms of crops that is leading in Europe. The possibility of separation and the modern self-serve systems that permit a call-off of goods around the clock are additional benefits that our customers appreciate.

Feed additives

The seaport in Brake is the ideal place for the transshipment of feed additives. This is so, because we keep all required equipment ready here to discharge the cargo that is delivered by sea and packed in containers in an efficient and professional manner. Whether interim storage in separate warehouses or direct transshipment – your feed additives are in the best of hands with us at all times.

Organic goods

The globally growing demand for eco-products is also reflected at J. MÜLLER. The reason for our customers’ confidence in us is owing to the fact that we have laid out the Brake seaport early on for a consistent separation during transshipment and storing. This way, we prevent mixing and contamination of your eco-products.


Fertilizers for a worldwide agricultural industry – the Brake seaport takes on a central function as a hub in this segment. In our trimodal terminal, we transship a wide variety of different fertilizers – optionally directly onto the truck or indirectly via a warehouse. Here, too, we pay attention to a consistent separation of all products.

Maritime proteins

The Bremen seaport is a recognised EU port of importation for maritime proteins. The terminal is specialised on the transshipment of fish and krill meal [MSC-certified], and it is the largest of its kind. It offers modern discharge and loading equipment, a cleaning line of the state of the art, a thermal sterilisation system, as well as silo storage capacities of 50,000 tonnes.


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