With its expansive premises and facilities with modern equipment, J. MÜLLER offers you the best of conditions in Brake for successful industrial settlements near the port. The following plots are available for implementing your business goals:

Brake Logistics Center [BLC]

Port Settlements Niedersachsen Ports

The Brake Logistics Centre covers a basic area of 25 hectares. The multi-modally connected complex is equipped with modern multi-purpose halls of a total size of 100,000 m². The paved open area storage spaces are suitable for heavy loads. By virtue of the optimal connection of all logistics properties with the terminals and settlement areas, the possibility is provided to store a wide range of product groups protected from weather and keep them ready, just-in-time for shipping or also for production. Logistics properties with an added value.

The Niedersachsenkai pier that is suitable for offshore and heavy loads offers 450 metres of docks and a usable terminal space of 110,000 square metres. The terminal offers great potential for break bulk and project cargo – especially for wind energy plants [onshore and offshore] – as well as for the shipment of steel products and other heavyweight goods.

You have the possibility to take advantage of the expansion areas in the direct hinterland that are offered by the Niedersachsen Ports.

The available space is ideally suited for the settlement of large bioenergy plants. The port operator Niedersachsen Ports, J. MÜLLER AG, the business development agency Wesermarsch, and the city of Brake market the areas in a cooperation.

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