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  • Location advantage: Our seaport terminal in Brake has covered storage areas for pulp, paper and other forest products. With a throughput of more than one million tonnes, we are the largest cellulose import location in Germany. Excellent rail connections ensure that most destinations in Europe with a rail siding can be reached within 48 hours.
  • Experience: Because we have specialised in handling pulp and paper for around 50 years, we pay particular attention to the correct storage and treatment of each individual type of product. Large parts of our premises, for example, are fitted with a floor covering designed specifically for the storage of paper.
  • Expertise: Our product and transport competence also benefits many other areas. As part of our Cargo Care service package, for instance, we inspect the quality of your good and also attend to any damage that has occurred. In addition to numerous ancillary services such as container stuffing and stripping, we can also organise transport to and from the port for you.


Pulp | Paper

Already since 1968 we have been importing pulp. With constantly increasing growth rates. Today, the seaport of Brake is the largest German  port for import of pulp. We have generous storage areas, guarantee a gentle handling of the sensitive raw material and take care of a speedy transport to the final customers - across Europe within 48 hours.


Our Brake seaport is attaining ever more significance for the transshipment of logs of any kind. For the key raw material of the paper and sawmill industry, we offer high capacity: a trimodal connection, heavy duty cranes and expansive areas for dry storage, likewise as large pre-handling areas for the efficient project processing.

Sawn timber

High-quality sawn timber, as a building material, finds its way through the Brake seaport to the construction industry in the USA, North Africa and Great Britain at an increasing frequency. The reason for this is the state-of-the-art terminal, robust equipment, and expansive storage spaces – both in roofed-over halls as well as in generous pre-handling areas for the interim storage of large quantities of timber.

Derived timber products

The Brake seaport is ideal for transshipping derived timber products of all kinds. Roofed-over halls are available for the dry interim storage just as much as expansive pre-handling areas for rapid discharge and loading processes. We have become a central hub for the wood processing industry because we have all the required equipment and a trimodal connection.

Forest Products (Lumber, Pulp & Paper)

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Forest Products (Lumber, Pulp & Paper)

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