Innovative Hafen- und Logistiklösungen in jeder Dimension

Agrarprodukte & Lebensmittel

Agricultural products
We are [agro-] economically minded

We think along the lines of the (agricultural) economy. In all steps leading from the site and connection up productive services that are precisely geared toward the customer, we offer good reasons to transship your agricultural products via our seaports in Brake and Bremen.

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Forest Products
Sustainable options for renewable products

Renewable efficiency. Profit from the high capacity and flexibility of one of the most important European transshipment and distribution hubs and largest ports of importation for cellulose in Germany.

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Kaffee & Kakao

Wide-awake logistics for your coffee beans

Whether it comes as loose bulk goods or conventionally in a bag: in Bremen, the centre of the German coffee industry, we secure efficient solutions for you in all aspects relating to transshipment, storage and transport of coffee and cocoa.

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Iron & Steel
Clear-cut arguments for this industry

We offer weighty arguments to import and export your goods via Brake – the modern heavy duty cranes, expansive logistics premises, plus the trimodal connection to the European hinterland.

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Ship Services

Ship Services
Agency, inland water transport & chartering

Always ship ahoy in terms of transport. Efficient and tailor-made transport solutions on the national as well as international level: for everything from crops and feedstuff, to steel and forestry products, project cargo and wind energy components.

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Wind energy
Full of energy for your cargo

The Brake seaport is one of the central hubs for the global wind energy industry. One of the reasons: special transports by truck from and to Brake are made possible without requiring police escorts.

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Stückgüter- & Projektladung

Breakbulk & project cargo
High & heavy in good hands

We make it easy for you when it comes to packaged goods, project cargo and heavy lifts. Large open areas for interim storage, pre- and final assembly, in addition to modern heavy duty cranes make this possible.

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Sonstige Güter

Other goods
Comprehensive skills for goods of all kinds

Rely on our experience. The Brake seaport offers the largest sulphur solidification and transshipment facility for sulphur and iron-II-chloride in Europe, while it is also leading on Germany’s North Sea coastline in general cargo and bulk goods.

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